Character of the Day: Rossiu Adai from Gurren Lagann

3 04 2009

Rossiu may seem like an unusual choice, but considering my tastes in favorite characters – Rossiu is right up The Cat’s alley!

(This post is rife with Gurren Lagann spoilers – read at your own risk!)

Rossiu - copyright Bandai Entertainment

Rossiu - copyright Bandai Entertainment

Rossiu is from the Village of Adai aka The Lottery village. Ruled by a “priest” with absolute authority, the village casts out a random member each time their population reaches above 50. Conditions in Rossiu’s village are bleak and the attitude is that of people who toil their entire lives to eke out a meager living – a far cry from the freeloading, free-spirited, colorful, crazy members of the future Team Dai-Gurren!

**Spoiler Warning**

After Kamina’s death, Rossiu pilots Gurren, with Simon in the lead as Lagann’s pilot. He becomes the head of most divisions of the New Government after the fall of the Spiral King (aka Time Skip no Jutsu!), and executes his authority over everyone – including Simon, who becomes the Supreme Commander.

Why I like him:
Rossiu is a very atypical Gurren Lagann character – he is not loud, brash, emotional, over-the-top. He does not (usually) spout the chant-like slogans of Team Dai-Gurren with abandon (Who the hell do you think we are??!).

Rossiu is quiet, meticulous, intelligent and pragmatic. He brings logical thinking and common sense to a show where common sense does not apply in any way shape or form.

These qualities cause Rossiu to clash with the rest of Team Dai-Gurren in the latter half of the show. Rossiu’s desperation int he face of overwhelming opposition from the AntiSpirals causes him to face the ultimate dilemma for a world leader – to be able to sacrifice a portion of the population in order to save the rest of humanity.

Rossiu & Rossiu - copyright Bandai Entertainment

Rossiu & Rossiu - copyright Bandai Entertainment

Quote: “You understand nothing.” Episode 17
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Youtubery: Gurren Lagann edition

26 03 2009

This is a fun MAD I recently watched – it’s the Tenjou Tenge OP song redone with Gurren Lagann.

HERE is the original OP.