Dear Masashi Kishimoto,

18 07 2009

(Massive Naruto manga spoilers!)

Dear Masashi Kishimoto,

I understand that Naruto is an incredibly long manga series, and that it’s incredibly difficult to draw/write a series week after week and keep it new and fresh. My hat goes off to you for creating such a popular series, one that I have enjoyed over the years.

However, you have to know by now that some things about your series have become cliche. For instance, whenever anyone in Naruto covers their eye(s) or for some reason their eye(s) is obscured it is automatically assumed that they have a Sharingan.

The first time, with Kakashi, the Sharingan reveal was a surprise. The Mangekyo Sharingan reveal with Itachi was a surprise because we’d never seen the Mangekyo before. The reveal with Obito wasn’t a surprise, but it wasn’t meant to be – we knew this was where Kakashi would be getting his Sharingan. The reveal with Tobi? Not so much. His mask is a giant spiral with only an eye-hole! Of course there was going to be something up with his eyes!

And so, giving Danzo a Sharingan after having him cover one eye the entire series? NOT A SURPRISE. For a clan that supposedly only had two members left, the Uchiha sure left a bunch of Sharingan eyes floating around.

Just thought I’d give you a heads up, because the internet? Not surprised at your twist.

Cat named cat

Rawr!  Naruto copyright Masashi Kishimoto & Viz

Rawr! Naruto copyright Masashi Kishimoto & Viz


You ship who, exactly?

17 03 2009

In which I take a look at some of the … unusual … pairings that have gotten support on the internet.


Just because I am poking fun at your pairing does not mean that I do not staunchly defend your right to ship whoever the heck you want. By all means, ship these two! I’m sure I ship some characters you wouldn’t. Everybody can ship whoever they want.

Except all you Lulu/Rolo shippers. That’s one pairing that has no right to exist. Just like Rolo.

This week’s improbable pairing: Itachi/Sakura from Naruto

Itachi x Sakura ... uh, wut?  Naruto copyright Viz Media/Masashi Kishimoto

Itachi x Sakura ... uh, wut? Naruto copyright Viz Media/Masashi Kishimoto

(post contains spoilers for those watching the US releases & reading manga released by Viz)
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