I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly Hetalia reminds me of…

22 05 2009

Hetalia! Copyright Hidekaz Himaruya, Studio DEEN

Hetalia! Copyright Hidekaz Himaruya, Studio DEEN

Hetalia: Axis Powers is like this:

You know that guy you knew in high school that was way into History, specifically WW2?
Maybe he was a teacher, maybe Government or Politics or even History, something like that?

He collected WW2 memorabilia in his garage and talked about the decisions that the US made like he was there – even though he’s only 35. He knew every battle, every concentration camp, every army division’s position, every bombing of London, knew the names of the grandkids of the guy who painted the design on Little Boy.

You know that guy?

Hetalia is what would happen if that guy dropped a bunch of acid and totally spaced out – and Korean animators drew everything he saw on his wacked-out trip through history.

And…uh…he knew Japanese, so the whole thing was in Japanese.

That’s what Hetalia reminds me of.