Casshern Sins: First Impressions

1 04 2009

Casshern - copyright Studio Madhouse & creator Tatsuo Yoshida

Casshern - copyright Studio Madhouse & creator Tatsuo Yoshida

I’ll admit – I only started watching this show because of the shiny. I saw an AMV that looked way cool and downloaded the first five episodes right then and there.

10 episodes in and I’m still totally digging the style of the show, but the plot is paced very slow – and at this point I’m hoping it picks up steam soon!

Casshern Sins is a remake/continuation of a series that aired in 70’s (called Neo-Human Casshern) and it retains that retro style character designs with a definite modern update. The characters look like they came right out of that SpeedRacer era of colorful, sleek-yet-retro animation. Set against a post-apocalyptic wasteland for a background, the contrast is quite striking.

Casshern is an amnesiac robot who is supposedly immortal, and thus immune to “the ruin” that is plaguing robots all over the world (how’s that for a premise! Only in Japan…). “The ruin” causes robots to decay and die started when Casshern killed a robot named Luna – but as of episode 10 Casshern, and the audience, have no idea why or how this happened.

Pretty, but bleak - Copyright Studio Madhouse &Tatsuo Yoshida

Pretty, but bleak - Copyright Studio Madhouse &Tatsuo Yoshida

We follow Casshern as he wanders, trying to piece together clues about his past and the ruin. Casshern meets various robots and humans in his travels, and each have an effect on the emotionally-fragile yet physically-super-strong Casshern.

The overarching plot of Casshern Sins is interesting enough to keep me watching, and the action scenes are very well-animated and totally fun to watch. The moody, intensely gloomy atmosphere permeates every episode and really emphasizes the despair of the decaying robots.

However, Casshern hasn’t seemed to make any progress towards improving the situation in his world, and unless something happens soon, the audience might also start to decay while we watch!