Character of the Day: Urahara Kisuke

16 03 2009
Urahara Kisuke - Bleach Copyright Viz Media/Kubo Tite

Urahara Kisuke - Bleach Copyright Viz Media/Kubo Tite

Character of the day for today is Urahara Kisuke from Bleach!

Urahara runs a shop that caters to shinigami who are fighting in the real world. He provides equipment to Rukia and you’re never quite sure how “legitimate” his business is or why exactly he has such an interest in her activities in the real world. He’s definitely mysterious and more than a bit shady, always carrying around a fan for no reason and employing a muscly guy in shades, two pre-pubescent brats and a cat.

Turns out he was a big deal in Soul Society, but was banished under mysterious circumstances. The anime arc currently airing deals with the events leading to his banishment, corresponding to the “Turn back the pendulum” set of manga chapters.

Why he’s my favorite:
Urahara is a big mysterious goofball who has the strangest character design and wears those fun wooden sandals (geta) for no apparent reason.

Urahara & cane - copyright Viz Media/Kubo Tite

Urahara & cane - copyright Viz Media/Kubo Tite

I love how you are never really sure what’s going on with him or what his angle is – but you know that there’s more than meets the eye. I love the fact that he is a huge doofus, but appears to be the smartest person in Soul Society and wields an incredibly powerful zanpakutou.

His seiyuu, Shinichirou Miki, fits his personality perfectly – with his crazy, singsong voice that can be absolutely wacky one minute and completely serious the next.

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