Youtube has left me in despair!

12 05 2009

Here’s some random Youtubery since I haven’t written anything lately!

People making overly dramatic statements has left Sensei in despair!

From Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which is a crazy anime that is basically a collection of parodies along with shorts that expand on a theme. Usually a word-play of some sort, or taking a common social experience and turning it on its head …

Bizarre humor is bizarre.


Youtubery: Gintama Edition!

20 04 2009

Finally, a Gintama-related post! As this series doesn’t get enough love (and I love to go on about the fact that it doesn’t get enough love), I’ll definitely be posting random Gintama crap. And often.

After the credits of certain episodes, Gintama adds an additional alternate-universe parody called 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei (which is a parody of the Japanese Television show 3 nen B gumi Kinpachi-sensei).

This video features Gintoki as Ginpachi-sensei and parodies a certain character’s bad habit from a certain anime which was edited by a certain company. Ok, it’s One Piece and 4Kids.

Sanji’s ridiculous cigarette/lollipop from the 4Kids version of One Piece:

Sanji - smoker or addicted to candy?  Copyright 4Kids ... or now, I guess it's Funimation...

Sanji - smoker or addicted to candy? Copyright 4Kids ... or now, I guess it's Funimation...

Youtubery: Gurren Lagann edition

26 03 2009

This is a fun MAD I recently watched – it’s the Tenjou Tenge OP song redone with Gurren Lagann.

HERE is the original OP.

YouTubery: The Daily Show

16 03 2009

Ok, so it’s not exactly YouTube. But it had to be shared because The Cat agrees whole-heartedly with Old Man Stewart. *shakes fist at Twitter*

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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